Frederick Wildman & Sons – Wholesale Company was established with the inception of the Company in 1934. Its’ origins date back to the year after the repeal of prohibition and was created to support the portfolio of top estates from around the world in the New York metro area. The strategy for the division remained intact throughout the 1900’s. With a new management structure in place, in 2005, the company expanded the Wholesale base of operations to Upstate New York and New Jersey. The commitment to Family owned properties that have pioneered the development of Fine Wines resonates in all regions of our portfolio. Today, the Wholesale Company consists of three units, Downstate New York, Upstate New York and New Jersey. We employ fifty sales representatives, eight sales managers and six sales service representatives focused on our portfolio and clientele. We are proud of our long standing relationships with our Winery partners, both domestically and internationally. Our objective is simple; we are here to service all of the Fine Wine needs required of our local restaurateurs and retailers in this challenging market.

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Featured Producer: Lamberti

Established in 1964, The House of Lamberti stands on the shores of Lake Garda in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The House of Lamberti is named after one of Verona’s oldest families, whose name graces the famous tower in the city’s Piazza delle Erbe.

“Lamberti is a champion of wines with impressive quality that are approachable in price.” — GAMBERO ROSSO’S ALMANACO DEL BEREBENE 2006 (GUIDE TO DRINKING WELL)

“Lamberti occupies a leading position in the highly prestigious wine-producing area of Verona. Innovation and a focus on premium quality wines are key to this success.” — ITALIAN SOMMELIER ASSOCIATION (A.I.S.) GUIDA DUEMILAVINI 2007

“Lamberti is a historic winery celebrated for being the first to understand the needs of an evolving wine market and to have found the right formula to re-launch and bring prestige back to the classic wines of the Veneto region.” — LUCA MARONI, VINI ITALIANI 2008

Throughout the property are many Santepietre, or “Holy Stones,” traditional, low, stone walls that divide many old vineyards found in the Veneto. These walls were built with stones from nearby Lake Garda.

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