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Pol Roger crowned World’s Most Admired Champagne Brand, 2019
– Drinks International

Pol Roger takes extreme pride in more than 160 years producing some of the world’s finest Champagne. Founded in 1849, Pol Roger is one of only a few Grande Marque Champagne houses that remains family owned and operated.

Pol Roger owns close to 55% of the vineyards used for their Champagne production, a true rarity in this region of large firms. Their vineyard holdings equal to 92 hectares (225 acres). The balance of our sourcing comes from long term contracts with growers with whom we have worked for decades as if they were members of our “maison”. Using strict guidelines, grapes are sourced mainly from 1er and Grand Cru vineyards that rate at an average of 95 points on the Échelle des Crus classification system. (In each vintage, the Échelle des Crus system, or ladder of growths, operates on a percentile basis to fix grape prices of each cru, or delimited vineyard area in the Champagne appellation; Pol Roger’s vineyards, therefore, rank close to the highest quality possible among the Grande Marque Champagne houses).

Prior to final blending each lot is aged on its own, separated by village, vineyard, grower and grape variety. Once blended, each bottle of Champagne Pol Roger is aged and hand riddled in the 4.66 mile-long cellars under the Epernay château which are among the deepest (100 feet below ground) and coolest (48°F) cellars in champagne.

Deep and cool cellars provide perfect conditions for the “prise de mousse” (the development of the Champagne in bottle and the “finesse” of the “bead” or bubble) and for the long-ageing of our Champagne in bottle; in fact, all their Champagnes are aged longer than the legal requirement because doing so adds more complexity and fine bubbles in every bottle. In effect, each bottle of Cuvée Champagne is hand-made; 100% of Pol Roger Champagne is produced in its winery, nothing is outsourced. Controlled entirely from vineyard to bottle, Pol Roger Champagnes are the marriage of power and elegance.

“Pol Roger is the ‘gentlemen’s’ Champagne,” as Jean-Paul Kauffman wrote in Voyage en Champagne, adding, “It is not surprising, therefore, that Sir Winston Churchill, and even the British royal family, should have made it their favorite over the years. This refinement reflects a whole lifestyle. It is also a source of infinite pleasure. Pol Roger Champagne has a soul, created by the union of a family’s spirit and the character of a vineyard.”

Current Selections

  • Brut Reserve 'White Foil'

    Brut Reserve 'White Foil'

    It is common knowledge that the true quality of a Champagne house is best judged by the consistency and quality of their non-vintage wine. This is wh ...

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  • Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill

    Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill

    The friendship between Champagne Pol Roger and Sir Winston Churchill dates back to the 1928 vintage of Pol Roger. This deep friendship continued until ...

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  • Brut Rosé Vintage

    Brut Rosé Vintage

    Pol Roger only produces the Brut Rosé in vintage years. The wine is a blend of 50% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay vinified blanc from 20 1er and Grand C ...

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  • Brut Vintage

    Brut Vintage

    The Brut Vintage from Champagne Pol Roger is made from the traditional house vintage blend of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay from 20 Grands and Pre ...

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  • Brut Blanc de Blancs Vintage

    Brut Blanc de Blancs Vintage

    A favorite of many, the Brut Blanc de Blanc is one of the finest 100% Chardonnay Champagnes produced. This sparkling gem is only released in the fine ...

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  • Pure Brut

    Pure Brut

    Summary: Pol Roger Pure has been created to complete the Pol Roger range of champagnes and to offer new sensations to connoisseurs. Brought out in ...

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  • Rich Demi Sec Non-Vintage

    Rich Demi Sec Non-Vintage

    2007 brought the release of two extensions to the Pol Roger line up; Pure and Rich. Vinification: With an increased dosage, Pol Roger Rich falls b ...

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