Agua Mágica

The Magic of San Juan del Rio: A Superior Region

The mythical village of San Juan del Río is blessed with the ideal natural elements for crafting the finest mezcal. The rich soil, sublime weather conditions, local river, and steep inclination make San Juan del Río the Burgundy of mezcal.

Agua Mágica is produced in small batches following the artisanal process by Fifth generation Maestro Mezcalero and brand partner Rogelio Juan Hernandez.

Premier Cru of Mezcal

Don Rogelio identified the ideal terroir to grow his agave, where the quality and flavor can reach their maximum potential. Agua Mágica is produced exclusively from these hand-selected plots.


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  • Agua Mágica

    Agua Mágica

    Great Mezcal is worth Sipping Smooth & flavorful mezcal, meant to enjoy during intimate moments and celebratory occasions, unfolding layers o ...

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