#Chartreuse1605 – May 16th


What is 1605 “day?”

Chartreuse 1605 takes place on May 16th or 05/16 which is 16/05 for the rest of the world. 1605 is the year the famous manuscript was given to the Carthusian monks which after years of perfecting, turned into the recipe for what we love today, Chartreuse Liqueur. #Chartreuse1605 is celebrated all over the world by friends and fans of Chartreuse. On Thursday, May 16th, 2019 people in bars across the world will raise a glass and toast together to celebrate the incredible heritage of this worlds oldest liqueur. Join us!

How can you be a part of Chartreuse 1605?  Participating is easy!
Many of the best bars in the U.S. will be participating in this global toast on Thursday, May 16th. Visit any of these bars in the days leading up to, and of course, on May 16th for some Chartreuse fun! Take a look at the map to find a bar near you. Simply snap a photo showing us how you Chartreuse then tag it with #Chartreuse1605 and share on Instagram or Facebook.  We’ll be following along!

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