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Riunite - Blackberry Merlot (V)


Terroir: Produced from select Italian viticultural areas where the soil is well structured with excellent drainage.

Vinification: After maceration the must is fermented at a controlled temperature, and then the wine is fermented to form a natural light sparkle. Isobaric bottled for impeccable freshness.

Additional Details edit

Enticing aromas of freshly picked wild blackberries. Light and fresh on the palate with a jammy burst of fruit in the mouth.

Technical Details
  • Appellation: textinput
  • Winemaker: Vanni Lusetti
  • Soil: textinput
  • Alcohol: 6.0%
  • Ttl Acidity: 6.3 g/l
  • Residual Sugar: textinput
  • Sizes Available: 12/750ml, 6/1.5L, 4/3.0L
  • Varietals: Merlot

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