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Pig's Nose - Pig's Nose Scotch Whisky (NV)


This exceptional blended Scotch whisky has been created for us by Richard Patterson, Scotland’s only third generation Master Blender. The backbone of this whisky is Invergordon grain whisky, acknowledged as one of the highest quality and lightest grain whiskies in Scotland, which has been aged in fresh oak barrels for five years and above. This is complemented by five first class single malts-three from Speyside, one from the Highlands and one from Islay.

What makes Pig’s Nose Different?
  • Blended whisky made from Invergordon grain and Speyside, Islay and Lowland malts
  • Higher than average malt percentage for blended whisky (43%)
  • Specially crafted by Richard Paterson, Scotland’s only third generation master blender
  • Small batch and hand crafted
  • Good value for money: price reflects premium image, yet affordable

Additional Details edit

Nose: Firm and rich luscious creamy, round tones. The long marrying period has brought these many individual characters into one lasting union. Great harmony - soft and full with no ragged edges, smooth and mellow. Plenty of finesse and breeding.

Taste: A positive grip, almost a spicy richness as these great flavors attack the palate - leaving it beautifully rewarded as they drift over. Elegant and distinguished. The delicate Speyside Malts - the heart of the whisky- have played a major part in bringing this quality blend together. > Featured Recipes
1 1/2 oz Pig’s Nose Scotch Whisky
1/2 oz Apricot Liqueur
1/2 oz Green Chartreuse
1/2 oz Fresh Orange
1/2 oz Fresh Lemon
METHOD: Shake all ingredients and strain over fresh ice. Garnish with twist of lemon and orange

3/4 oz Pig’s Nose Scotch Whisky
3/4 oz Cherry Herring
3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth
3/4 oz Orange Juice
METHOD: Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into highball glass with Fresh ice. Garnish with an orange slice

Technical Details
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Category: Scotch Whisky
  • Sustainability: Sustainable Practices
  • ABV: 40%
  • Age: textinput
  • Sizes Available: 50ml, 750ml
  • Pack Size: 96/50ml, 6/750ml
  • UPC Code: 0 87647-7442 7

Recent News edit

Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Best Scotch Under $50 -- “It’s nutty, fruity and balanced and works well with citrus.”

Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017 Rating: 93

Date: Thursday, April 13, 2017

Soft and sweet on the nose with notes of custard, cinnamon, smoke, and peach pure. Beautifully textured with caramelized nuts, cherry, bacon fat, and the slightest suggestion of peat, this is a smooth, and sippable whisky.

Wine Enthusiast Rating: 91

Author: Kara Newman

Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"So named for texture is as soft and smooth as a pigs nose, this five-year-old whisky has a bright golden tint and mild notes that balance fruit and sweet vanilla. Add a splash of water to bring out light smokiness and still more vanilla."

Serious Eats

Author: Emma Janzen

Date: Thursday, October 23, 2014

"The great news is, it is possible to find great Scotch for a steal, and it will still taste as interesting and complex as some of the more prestigious brands... Pig's Nose stands out on the shelves thanks to its bold label design, but the copper-colored liquor also stood out against other brands as a friendly option for those new to Scotch. It's relatively young, clocking in at a tender five years, so it has a somewhat thin body. Peaty smoke also takes a backseat to light cantaloupe-like fruit flavors and crunchy grains. When diluted, its slight edge mellows into a buttery texture, and thanks to its solid balance of smoke and malt, the "smooth as a Pig's Nose" Scotch plays great with other ingredients like vermouth in the Rob Roy cocktail.


Author: Peter M. Gianotti

Date: Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Easier to pronounce and very easy to drink is Pig's Nose, a blended Scotch, floral and malty. The name stems from the contention that this whisky is as smooth as that bit of anatomy. Playful Pig's Nose, aged five years, is appropriately round and mellow."

The Tasting Panel Rating: 91

Author: Anthony Dias Blue

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Very smooth and mellow with toffee, sweet toasty oak and silky dried fruit; lovely and balanced with style, finesse and balance; charming and easy going."

Imbibe Magazine

Author: Unlisted

Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Scotch can be an expensive habit. But thanks to the growing number of budget-minded bottles, an affinity for Scotland's namesake spirit needn't break the bank... blends like the cheekily named Pigs Nose mark affordable offerings from Scot1and's great master distillers."

Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2012 Rating: 89

Author: Unlisted

Date: Monday, March 19, 2012

"The nose is filled with the scent of sweet tea biscuits with accents of honey, toasted grains, and roasted nuts. The palate is fresh and rich with gobs of sweet malt coating the tongue and throat. A beautiful everyday Whisky."

Real Simple

Author: Deb Schwartz

Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"With standout packaging Sheep Dip has a deep, woody flavor; [Pig's Nose] is smooth, light, and lemony."

The Modern Distillery

Author: Gregg Glaser

Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"A soft aroma of sweetness and malt wit a little grassy hay. Earthiness, smoke, peat and sweetness are evident in the beginning of the flavor. There's a touch of salinity and spice. The finish is dry with a bit more smoke. Well liked."