Amaro (NV)


A classic Italian digestive liqueur, an Amaro (bitter in Italian) is a bittersweet, herb-infused fortified wine, which ranges in strength 15% to 40% in alcohol content. While bitter digestive liqueurs are produced across Europe and the world over, an Amaro denotes those originating in Italy. In Italy, Amari are traditionally served as an after-dinner drink, but Italian Amari are increasingly employed in a variety classic and innovative cocktails.

Pellegrino Amaro, whose alcohol content is 19%, has been produced and distilled in the province of Trapani in northwest Sicily by the Pellegrino family, an independent wine, bitters and spirits firm that dates back 130 years.

The Notary Paolo Pellegrino, who had a great passion for wine making, founded the Company in 1880. Since then the Pellegrino family has always been guided by the significance of its motto: to never separate our personal aspirations of growth from the Company’s development. Today, Pellegrino is one of the most prosperous and important wine Companies in Marsala, grown under the continuous guidance of the Founder’s Family.

Over the years the Pellegrino’s family growth can be attributed to the happy marriages, which always brought development to the Company. Beginning with the marriage of the founder’s son, Carlo, who married the French lady Josephine Despagne, daughter of the famous French oenologist Oscar Pierre Despagne, she brought as a dowry the pioneering know-how of her family in the wine making field. In the following generation the maternal lineage of the family has brought new links with the Alagna, Tumbarello, Renda and Bellina families that are presently leading the company: Pietro Alagna currently is the chairman, while Benedetto Renda is the managing director. Paola Alagna and Caterina Tumbarello are part of the management team of the company, while Massimo Bellina has assumed the role of the export director. Recently the Company welcomed the young enthusiasm of the Family’s 6th generation, welcoming Maria Chiara Bellina and Sebastian Renda, both not yet in their thirties.

Pellegrino Amaro is produced from a carefully selected blend of Sicilian herbs and then blended with distilled wine sourced exclusively grapes grown in the island’s Marsala Denominazione d’Origine Protetta (DOC). The resulting Amaro is aged more than five years in Slovenian oak casks ranging in size from 1,300-2,100 gallons.

Additional Information

Pellegrino Amaro is amber in color, with a complex spiciness and hints of dried fruit flowers, tobacco, coffee, caramel, candied fruit and vanilla; its taste is dry, persistent with freshness and acidity. It is traditionally enjoyed as an after-dinner digestive, and, increasingly, an essential ingredient in both classic and innovative cocktails.

Pellegrino Amaro is an ideal match with seasoned and herbal cheeses, or enjoyed together with dried fruits and sweet, ricotta-based pastries.

Technical Details

  • Appellation: Sicily
  • Alcohol: 33%
  • Sizes Available: 750ml
  • Pack Size: 6/750ml

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