Vigna Ca'Guicciardi Valtellina Superoire DOCG Inferno 2020

Nino Negri

Terrior: The schist rock is the result of the transformation of rocks at great depths during the formation of the Alps. The schist in this vineyard is light-coloured with infiltrations of white quartz. The extremely high terracing has been backfilled over the centuries with small quantities of clay, sand and loam.


Vinification: The grapes are de-stemmed and crushed. Rack and return as per the classic red winemaking process with fermentation at between 25 and 28°C

Additional Information

The Vineyard takes its name from the farmhouse situated at its heart. The hillside cru is distinctive for its little steep-sided valleys. Sizeable rock faces alternate with terracing supported by some of the highest dry-stone walls in Valtellina. The special colour of the rock tending towards a quartz-like white augments considerably the power of the sun leading to greater temperatures and light than in other parts of the valley so bringing out the fruitiness of the wine.

The 2019 vintage started with a rather cold spring including late snow which fell on the budding Nebbiolo without, however, any damaging consequences. Summer had average temperatures for the season but with low rainfall. Significant rain began only in September, replenishing the sources of water supply and allowing the Nebbiolo to reach perfect ripeness in time for the harvest.


Technical Details

  • Appellation: Valtellina Superiore DOC
  • Winemaker: Danilo Drocco
  • Sustainability: Sustainable Practices
  • Soil: Sand, Gravel
  • Alcohol: 14%
  • Pack Size: 6/750ml
  • Varietals: 100% Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo)

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