Mt. Beautiful

Beautiful wine comes from a beautiful place. Mt. Beautiful wines are the expression of the wild, rugged and breathtakingly scenic region of North Canterbury, NZ. Certified-sustainable, Carbon Zero and all estate-grown, these distinctively sophisticated wines let the pure terroir shine through. World-renowned scholar/entrepreneur and New Zealand native David Teece and CEO Robert Watkins have created a global brand for Mt Beautiful wines starting with our first vintage in 2007. We continue to expand on our uncompromising commitment to quality, sustainability and the pure enjoyment of sharing our stunning location.

Mt. Beautiful Winery lies in the heart of North Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand. Protected and enriched by mountains and rivers, it is lauded by many critics as New Zealand’s most underestimated wine region. As we gain recognition for our full-bodied, timeless vintages, we want to bring the taste of New Zealand directly to you.

Current Selections

  • Chardonnay


    Terrior: Our Chardonnay is planted on the most Northern part of the vineyard and is hand-tended and hand-harvested. The clones are a mixture of French ...

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  • Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir

    Terroir: Our Pinot Noir is planted on the Southern section of our vineyard, which has the highest elevation, providing extra warmth and less exposure ...

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  • Riesling


    Terroir: The Riesling is planted on the higher elevated Southern section of the vineyard bordered by gullies, with the gully to the west being an esta ...

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  • Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc

    Terroir: The majority of the Sauvignon Blanc is planted on the most northern part of the vineyard which is cooler and more suited to this variety. All ...

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