The Melini Winery dates back to 1705, and is one of the Chianti region’s oldest and most historic wineries. Melini owns over 1,200 acres in Chianti most of which are in the prime Chianti Classico zone.

Throughout its history, Melini has aggressively embraced innovations that improve quality. Founder Adolpho Laborel Melini used pasteurization in winemaking 33 years before Louis Pasteur wrote about the process. Melini introduced the fiasco strapeso, a tempered glass bottle that made possible the export of Chianti to foreign markets.

The spirit of tradition that spurs innovation is clearly apparent in Melini wines especially in their newest project, Melini Re-Chianti. Re-Chianti is a modern interpretation of a classic wine. It is Chianti Re-invented.

Current Selections

  • Orvieto Classico

    Orvieto Classico

    Terroir: Melini Orvieto is grown in selected vineyards throughout the Orvieto DOC zone. These hillside vineyards sit at elevations up to 1,000 feet a ...

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  • Chianti Riserva

    Chianti Riserva

    Chianti re-imagined. A re-interpretation of a modern classic. Re-invigoration of over three hundred years of values that are still relevant today. Mel ...

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  • Chianti 'Borghi d'Elsa'

    Chianti 'Borghi d'Elsa'

    Borghi d'Elsa takes its name from the picturesque villages that line the Elsa River: Monte Reggiani, Colle, San Gimignano and Certaldo. Terroir: T ...

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