Soave DOC 2023


The Soave; Italian for “smooth” is a classic from Folonari and was recently rewarded a “Best Buy” from Wine and Spirits Magazine and called “a great party wine” and “easy to pair with all kinds of foods” by the Wall Street Journal.

A blend of the indigenous Garganega and Trebbiano, this stainless steel aged white is light, fresh and clean on the palate, showing delicate, dry flavors and a crisp finish.

Pair with: Shellfish, seafood, chicken, salads and antipasto

Additional Information

Folonari Soave is straw yellow in color with a bouquet that is fruity and crisp. Delicate, dry flavor with a crisp finish.

Technical Details

  • Appellation: Soave DOC
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Sizes Available: 12/750ml, 6/1.5L
  • Varietals: 80% Garganega, 20% Trebbiano

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