Pinot Noir Jubilee 2007

Famille Hugel

Hugel’s “Jubilee” are sourced exclusively from family owned Grand Cru vineyards in the top terroirs in Alsace.

Terroir: Pinot Noir accounts for just 8% of the overall Hugel production. The Pinot Noir Jubilee is sourced from the Pflostig Grand Cru, southeast of the village of Riquewihr.

Vinification: The grapes are harvested by hand and brought to the winery in Riquewihr for additional sorting prior to vinification. The grapes are macerated for two weeks with daily punching of the cap to encourage extraction. The young wines are then fed by gravity to the cellars for 10 months of aging in small oak casks. About 10% of the barrels are new each vintage. Following aging the wines are lightly filtered, bottled and then stored until release to the market.

Additional Information

“In Alsace, the 2007 vintage was full of surprises, but pleasant surprises ! For those who love elegant, pure, well balanced wines, 2007 was a benchmark vintage. Having enjoyed the longest period of maturation for the past 25 years, the grapes were perfectly ripe and healthy. In the Pflostig, our best Pinot Noir vineyards were harvested at close to 13% potential.

Quick View : This wine is gradually improving as the vineyards we have planted with the best burgundian clones since the early 90’s start to reach their full potential.” -Etienne Hugel

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