Domaine Tariquet

Domaine Tariquet is located in Gascony, in Southwest France. This estate of 1,125 hectares has been family-owned by the Grassa since 1912 (5 generations). As “Propriétaire-Récoltant” (wine grower), all the wines and Bas-Armagnacs are produced exclusively from the family’s vineyards and are estate bottled.

Situated in the heart of Gascony, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees Mountains, Domaine Tariquet benefits from the mild influence of an oceanic climate. A strong temperature amplitude between summer days and nights produces ripe grapes with thick skins full of freshness and fruit. A mosaic of soils with clay-limestone and “boulbène”(silica, clay, sand) enhanced by ochre-colored sand known as “sables fauves”, deep and draining, perfect for white varietals.

An original savoir-faire renowned for the elaboration of white and rosé wines.

Domaine Tariquet uses a sustainable method of growing and only uses natural fertilizers. With our concerns about protecting the environment, we have been sustainably managing the vineyards for over 20 years. The estate is certified ISO 14001 and HVE (High Environment Value) as well as Vegan friendly.

• Aromatic, fresh, and easy-drinking wines low in alcohol (between 10.5% and 12% alc.)
• Cold storage until bottling in tanks at -2°C (28.4°F) to preserve the wines’ freshness
• Bottling only upon order to ensure optimal fruitiness and crispness all year long
• Indigenous and international grape varieties
• Screw cap available for optimum conservation

The wines from Domaine Tariquet are the most represented white wines in restaurants in the great French cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Current Selections

  • Classic Côtes de Gascogne

    Classic Côtes de Gascogne

    Superbly intense for a dry fruity white, its bouquet reveals floral and citrus aromas with nice touches of tropical fruit. Light and well-balanced, th ...

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  • Sauvignon Blanc Côtes de Gascogne

    Sauvignon Blanc Côtes de Gascogne

    A distinctive bouquet with fine intense floral notes, some minerality, and the underlying suggestion of ripe grapes. Fresh and refined with an attract ...

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  • Chardonnay Côtes de Gascogne

    Chardonnay Côtes de Gascogne

    This fine wine offers delicacy, strength and good structure, having fermented and aged in fine-grained French oak barrels. Its subtle bouquet reveals ...

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  • Rosé de pressée Côtes de Gascogne

    Rosé de pressée Côtes de Gascogne

    The blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Tannat gives this pleasurable wine an intense yet subtle nose. A beautiful bright colour, soft spicy no ...

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  • Premières Grives Côtes de Gascogne

    Premières Grives Côtes de Gascogne

    In Gascony, the onset of winter heralds the arrival of the first thrushes (‘premières grives’), eager for their share of the season’s pickings. ...

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