Domaine Tariquet Armagnac

Domaine Tariquet is located in Gascony, in Southwest France. This estate of 1,125 hectares, 100 hectares are dedicated to the Armagnac production,  has been family-owned by the Grassa since 1912 (five generations). As “Propriétaire-Récoltant” (wine grower), all the wines and Bas-Armagnacs are produced exclusively from the family’s vineyards and are estate bottled.

Situated in the heart of Gascony, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees Mountains, Domaine Tariquet benefits from the mild influence of an oceanic climate. A strong temperature amplitude between summer days and nights produces ripe grapes with thick skins full of freshness and fruit. A mosaic of soils with clay-limestone and “boulbène”(silica, clay, sand) enhanced by ochre-colored sand known as “sables fauves”, deep and draining, perfect for white varietals.

An original savoir-faire renowned for the elaboration of white and rosé wines, as well as Bas-Armagnacs:

• Sustainable growing methods and use of natural fertilizers
• Destemming of the grapes during the mechanical harvest
• Protection against oxidation (transport of grapes in airtight tanks)
• Skin-contact maceration for 8 to 12 hours in temperature-controlled pneumatic presses
• The freshly pressed juices are matured on fine lees at low temperature
• Cool and slow fermentation of the clear juices

Armagnac is Europe’s oldest eau-de-vie, over 700 years of history. High quality white wines are distilled. The ageing and the blending fulfill a style of elegant and delicate eaux-de-vie close to the original fruit. After fermentation, the wines are distilled at the estate in November and December, to produce the Bas-Armagnacs.

• Traditional copper alambics heated by wood (recycling of the vine stakes)
• Single continuous distillation
• Ageing of the eaux-de-vie in the estate’s hundred-year-old cellars
• Barrels made from the French timber forests (Allier, Nièvre) renowned for their fine grain
• Natural color obtained exclusively from the ageing in lightly toasted barrels
• Equivalent of 24 years of stock dispatched in 5,000 barrels

Current Selections

  • Bas-Armagnac VS

    Bas-Armagnac VS

    A beautiful amber shade of antique gold. The bouquet initially suggests freshly baked bread and light toffee. Aeration reveals a gentle warmth that in ...

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  • Bas-Armagnac VSOP

    Bas-Armagnac VSOP

    Grape Varieties Ugni blanc 60% baco 40% Serving Suggestions Tariquet’s VSOP is well-rounded and fresh: matured for 5 to 7 years, this Bas-Armag ...

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  • Bas-Armagnac XO

    Bas-Armagnac XO

    Grape Varieties Ugni blanc 60% baco 40% Serving Suggestions Elegant yet powerful, the XO is the finest of the estate’s traditional Bas-Armagnac ...

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  • Blanche Armagnac

    Blanche Armagnac

    Once distilled in a copper alambic, the wine gives birth to a transparent eau-de-vie. Kept in tanks and not in casks, the eau-de-vie preserves its cry ...

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  • Vintage Bas-Armagnac

    Vintage Bas-Armagnac

    Grape Varieties Ugni blanc 60% & Baco 40% Serving Suggestions The 1995 is a vintage of astonishing freshness with generous helpings of fruit. ...

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