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Domaine Pascal Jolivet - Blanc Fumé 2019


Summary: By changing the name of his wine from "Pouilly-Fume" to "Blanc-Fumé" starting with the 2018 vintage, Pascal is taking the wine back to the its roots. "Blanc-Fumé" is the original name of the appellation that was created in 1937 (Blanc-Fumé de Pouilly). He is also going back to his family roots. Before Pascal Jolivet created his own Domaine, his grand-father Lucien Jolivet, was already using the name "Blanc-Fumé" on his labels. "Blanc-Fumé" translates to "Smoky-White". Why "smoky"? Because of the greyish hue (color of smoke) that the grapes get coated with upon maturity, as well as the "gun flint" aromas that the wine expresses. Terroir & Vinification: Under the name "Blanc-Fumé", the wine is produced 100% from Pascal's own vineyards, under the supervi­sion and expertise of his vineyard management team using organic farming methods. The wine is vinified by his talented winemaker Valentina Buoso in the "Pascal Jolivet" natural way: wild yeast, temperature-control­led vinification, ageing on lees, cold settling (no enzyme), and low sulfites. An Alternative to Sancerre: As the neighboring "Sancerre" appellation is gaining popularity, Pascal is confident that the "Blanc-Fumé" rebranding will "capture the interest of the wine drinkers who want an alternative to Sancerre." The wine quality of "Blanc-Fumé" is equivalent to "Sancerre"; same grape (Sauvignon Blanc), same complexity, similar price-point, but with different tasting profiles.

Additional Details edit

The 2019 Pascal Jolivet Blanc Fumé is a vibrant yellow color with a dry focused nose of citrus and gun-flinty minerality. On the palate the wine is medium in body, incredibly precise and layered with clean, driving acidity.

Technical Details
  • Appellation: Pouilly-Fumé
  • Sustainability: Organic Practices
  • Primary Soil: Calcareous, Sand, Limestone
  • Alcohol: <14%
  • Sizes Available: 12/375ml, 12/750ml
  • Varietals: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

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