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Chartreuse - Green VEP (NV)


Chartreuse V.E.P., for Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolongé, is the luxe version. Aged for an extended period in oak casks, it mellows and intensifies to stunning effect. Earning rave reviews from tasters, these special V.E.P. bottles are presented with a wax-sealed cork and a wax-stamped back label, and shipped in individual wood boxes. These fine liqueurs offer a unique spirits experience.

Additional Details edit

Pale vibrant green, almost ‘day glo’. A plethora of aromas, including herbs, mint, orange rind, new leather, licorice, basil and spring flowers all vie for your attention. This sweet digestive has a constantly evolving flavour profile. Though the alcohol is high, the flavours are easily up to the task of keeping the heat in perfect line.

Technical Details
  • Origin: France
  • Category: Liqueur
  • Sustainability: Organic Practices
  • ABV: 54%
  • Age: textinput
  • Sizes Available: 1l
  • Pack Size: 6/1l
  • UPC Code: 0 89744-32960 8

Recent News edit

Robb Report

Author: Ian Cauble

Date: Monday, January 4, 2016

"Green Chartreuse V.E.P. is, without question, the best liqueur on earth. A secret recipe protected by the Carthusian monks of the French Alps since 1737, V.E.P. (vieillissement exceptionnellement prolong), which means exceptionally long aged, spends a minimum of 5 years in barrel. You only need to drink a few ounces, then strap yourself inconversations are more interesting; life is simply more colorful, and sleep exists only in the distant future. I dont know what they put in this stuff (only about seven monks in the world do), but the experience is one of a kind."

Imbibe Magazine

Author: Unlisted

Date: Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"It's not easy being green, unless you're the centuries-old "elixir of long life" known as Chartreuse. An emerald-hued, flower-flavored digestif made by Carthusian monks high in the French Alps, green Chartreuse is among the most revered liqueurs in the world, and its VEP offering (which stands for vieillissement exceptionnellement prolonge-- basically extended aging) is one of our top splurges this year. Crafted from the same top-secret honey-sweetened blend of 130 herbs, flowers and spices as regular green Chartreuse, the VEP spends more than a decade aging in Turkish oak vats, resulting in a refined, luxurious liqueur that's heavenly sipped on its own or chilled over a giant ice cube."

Playboy Magazine

Author: Joe Roberts

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Equal parts booze, herbs and awesome, Chartreuse is the drink that Sir Henry Stanley guzzled in the African bush on his way to rescue Dr. Livingstone, and it’s what French badass Charles de Gaulle spiked his chocolate with each evening before devising ways of kicking Nazi asses out of his country’s colonial interests during World War II."


Author: Other

Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2008

“Aged “extra long” in oak cases, the flavors – Alpine herbs and exotic spices – are perhaps too intense for mixing. But it’s a miracle of ancient liqueur-craft (the secret formula is more than 400 year old) and it’s glorious on its own.”

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Author: Other

Date: Friday, April 20, 2007

The Food Network

Author: Other

Date: Friday, April 20, 2007

“It’s made with orange bitters, french dessert wine, tea from south africa, and a supreme tequila. One of Harry’s favorites is the angels share. It’s made by flavoring a snifter with Chartreuse V.E.P., and adding brandy, walnut liqueur, and 20-year-old port. The heavenly dram starts with fresh lemon juice, which is enhanced with honey syrup, sweet, raisin-flavored sherry, and a 25-year-old scotch. If you’re feeling festive, you might wanna try drinking the stars… Its full-bodied and luscious with a rich, plum-like flavor. A tawny port from Portugal, it warms your mouth with a dry nutty taste and a hint of vanilla. And a rare French liqueur called Chartreuse V.E.P. It’s made by monks from a secret recipe and has a mellow flavor that reminds me of honey, saffron, and licorice. Isn’t that interesting? Feeling like I had the hang of it, I headed out to the dining room to rev up some appetites. Good evening you will become ravenous after I serve you the aperitif… Cheers! Cheers! Mmm, yummy. A-ha, a diner in need of an after-dinner drink. I’m gonna have the Chartreuse V.E.P. All right. You’re the first Chartreuse I’ve had tonight, and I just well, hopefully you know how to pour it and serve it properly, right? Ill be right back. Chartreuse V.E.P.’s alcohol content is a whopping 11o proof, thats why you only pour a small amount. Oh, it smells good, huh? Yeah? Yeah, its mixing with his cologne its good. I’m wearing ‘eau de Chartreuse.’ Ah, the right drink at the right time. That’s how you create a dining experience.”

Wine Enthusiast Rating: 96

Author: F. Paul Pacult

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2007

“Extra-aged Green Chartreuse. Aromas are keenly botanical and vegetal/woodsy. The palate shows peppermint, citrus peel, and sage along with the herbs and botanicals. Concludes with finesse and power.”


Author: Robert Plotkin

Date: Monday, December 4, 2006

“Harry Denton’s features several ultra-elegant specialties laced with fortified wines that are dubbed the Million Dollar Cocktail Collection.…the Angel’s Share, a decadent combination of Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac, Charbay Walnut Liqueur, Rocha 20-Year-Old Port and a splash of Chartreuse VEP.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Author: Jane Tunks

Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2006

“Chartreuse, an herbal liqueur created by Carthusian monks in France, is being spotlighted all month at Nopa (560 Divisidero St., San Francisco. A shot of green or yellow Chartreuse is $7, or splurge on the Chartreuse VEP ($12), which is made from the same recipe as green Chartreuse and aged for an extra-long time in oak casks.The bartenders are also mixing up cocktails with the French liqueur, such as the Last Word ($7), made with gin, green Chartreuse and Luxardo Maraschino, and the Widow’s Kiss ($9), with Calvados, yellow Chartreuse, Benedictine and angostura bitters.”

Spirit Journal

Author: F. Paul Pacult

Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2006

"Extra-aged Green Chartreuse. The pale lime green color is eye-catching and flawlessly free of sediment. In the opening sniffs, the aroma is keenly botanical (anise, licorice, fennel) and seed-like (caraway, coriander); additional time in the copita stimulates more vegetal/woodsy scents to emerge, especially sawdust, pine bark, cardamom, basil, and grass. The palate entry is off-dry to bittersweet and concentrated on peppermint, citrus peel, and sage; the midpalate taste profile is harmonious as the various components of herbs, sweetness, alcohol, and woodsy botanicals meld perfectly into a single flavor thrust that is unforgettable. Concludes with finesse and power."

Robb Report

Author: Anthony Diaz Blue

Date: Thursday, July 6, 2006

"Originally produced as an elixir of long life by Carthusian monks from a recipe they acquired in 1605, Chartreuse—named for its green hue—has survived revolutions, landslides, and tangles with the French government, which twice attempted to appropriate the recipe. In 1810, Napoléon ordered that all secret medicinal recipes be delivered to the ministry of the interior, but the emperor returned the Chartreuse recipe to the monks without divulging its contents. In 1903, the monks temporarily fled to Spain with the recipe when the French government nationalized the distilling industry. Today the Alpine herb liqueur is still made by Carthusian monks, whose tradition of silence prevents them from speaking of the secret ingredients. Chartreuse V.E.P. (Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolongé) is made from those same ingredients as the traditional green liqueur, but extra-long aging makes it heady and herbaceous, with just a touch of sweetness. The bottle is a replica of the packaging that was used in 1840."

Wine Enthusiast

Author: F. Paul Pacult

Date: Monday, November 24, 2003

"Chartreuse VEP Green and Chartreuse Yellow: Perhaps the greatest digestifs ever conceived. The Green version, at 110 proof, is extra potent. The Yellow version, at 80 proof, is less demanding, but equally effective." -- F. Paul Pacult

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Author: Other

Date: Saturday, September 1, 2001

Double Gold Medal


Author: Other

Date: Friday, October 20, 2000

Licorice and flower aromas, with sweet herbal notes. Sweet middle finish, with flavors of herbs, licorice, white pepper and burnt flowers. Very elegant and well made.