Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone 2016


One of Italy’s top-selling wines, legend says that this word EST— meaning, “it is” in Latin—was used by a bishop’s steward to indicate an area producing high-quality wines. In Montefiascone, the steward proclaimed Est! Est!! Est!!! To emphasize the superior quality. Bigi’s Est! Est!! Est!!! is fresh, fruity and offers an appealing floral bouquet; on the palate, it has a soft elegant, and lingering finish of plums.

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Technical Details

  • Appellation: Montefiascone
  • Sustainability: Sustainable Practices
  • Sizes Available: 750ml
  • Pack Size: 12/750ml
  • Varietals: 65% Trebbiano Toscano, 20% Malvasia Bianca, 15% Trebbiano Giallo

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